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What to bring?

Fishing Packing List

Fly Fishing

Fly Rods: We recommend 9′ or 9’6 8-9 wt fast action rods

Fly Reels: Large arbor with a strong drag and a minimum of 100 yards of backing

Fly Lines: Fast sinking lines from 250 – 450 grains. Floating lines with sinking leaders if you can bring different spools

Leader: 12-20 Tippet (Mono or Fluoro)

Flies: Schultzy’s S3 Sculpin, Wooly Buggers, Double Bunnies, Puglisi Shrimp, Millbrook Streamer, Bunny Leeches, both coneheads and clousers. (Colors: Olive, Chartreuse, Purple, White and Pink)

We only use single, barbless hooks. Saltwater hooks are recommended. Flies with upward hooks and trailer hooks are more effective and injure less fish. Flies are also sold at the lodge.

      Spin Fishing

      Spinning Rods: Medium/Heavy actions for lures up to 1 ounce

      Reels: Medium duty for 15lb – 20lb line

      Lures: Pixie #4 (silver-orange, gold-orange, chartreuse, gold-green) Krocodile Spoons,  Mepps Syclops, Buzz Bombs (Chrome), 3D Sandeel

      We recommend quality stainless steel swivels and saltwater hooks.


      Clothing and Equiptment

      The average temperature ranges from 11c (51F) to 16c (61F) but can drop to 20c (36F) or rise to 24c (76F). In these Arctic conditions dressing in warm layers is important.

      Sleeping Bag

      Gore Tex Jacket

      Gore Tex Waders or Gore Tex Pants

      Wading boots or Warm Water Proof Boots

      Warm and breathable long underwear

      Warm polar fleece jacket

      Waterproof Gloves

      Hat or Cap

      Waterproof bag or backpack

      Photography Packing List

      Clothing & equipment

      • Warm clothing (multi-layered), winter underwear, hat, preferably warm and waterproof gloves, polar fleece
      • GoreTex Jacket and Pants
      • Your best boots (waterproof, good support, good sole)
      • Comfortable sleeping bag
      • Head net and insect repellent (from July 20)
      • Headlamp
      • GoreTex jacket and pants
      • Binoculars
      • 30 to 40L backpack
      • Reusable water bottle
      • Lightweight camera
      • Several spare stockings
      • Tinted lenses

      Note that the guides always have:

      • Defense weapon against polar bears
      • Signal flares (by boat)
      • VHF radios
      • Survival kit
      • GPS

      Photography Equiptment

      • Items listed here are for guidance only. They may vary depending on the type of photo you are taking.
      • Two boxes are better than one! (And the instruction manual if you don’t know your device very well)
      • Surveillance camera (if you have one for wildlife or timelapse) + batteries
      • Large capacity memory cards
      • Enough spare batteries to be autonomous throughout the day (which is long). You can recharge at camp every evening.
      • Waterproof protective case or envelope
      • Wide angles, small telephoto lens and powerful telephoto lens (from 18mm to 500mm). Ex; 18-24mm, 24-70mm. 70-200mm (+ TC 1.4 or 1.7) or; 24-70, 70-200mm, 500mm
      • Polarizing filter
      • Lens cleaning set
      • Tripod or fixed base
      • Remote trigger
      • Card reader (or box-computer connection wire)
      • Laptop and external hard drive