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Arctic Fishing

Experience world class Arctic Fishing in Ungava Bay

During the Arctic summer, Arctic Char, Sea Trout, and Atlantic Salmon migrate to the sea. During this short window, they feed heavily sand lance and shrimp before returning to freshwater to spawn. Fishing along islands, shoals, low tides, and estuaries is productive as the fish move in search of food. Equipped with 24-foot freighters, sonar, and GPS, our experienced guides know exactly what works in this untouched paradise.

We strongly encourage catch and release to preserve this exceptional fishery for future generations and protect this remarkable natural habitat. We only allow fishing with single hooks with crushed barbs. Arctic Char and Cod can be consumed during your trip, and we allow each guest to bring back 2 Char. Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout must be released.

Arctic Char Fishing

The Black Point area of Ungava Bay is widely known as the home of the world’s largest Arctic char. Due to the abundant forage available, these powerful fighters have adapted perfectly to this rich marine environment. The average weight is 10-12 lbs, but 20 lb specimens are common. The record at Inukshuk lodge is over 28 lbs.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing

Black Point is a feeding ground for Atlantic Salmon, who take advantage of the bountiful forage before returning to spawn in the surrounding rivers. Atlantic Salmon, some of which exceed 16 lbs, can often be a bycatch while fishing for Arctic char.

Sea Trout Fishing

Sea trout are also abundant in this region. They travel along the coast to feed on shrimp and sand lance and can also be caught in estuaries. The average weight is 3 to 5 lbs, but specimens up to 8 lbs are not uncommon.