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Inukshuk Lodge, live an Arctic fishing adventure


Located in Nunavik Northern Quebec, Inukshuk lodge is only lodge on the shore of Ungava Bay. Black Point (Qirnituajuit) is a unique place to fish for Arctic Char . Here you will live an Arctic fishing adventure in a wild, unspoiled arctic marine environment where we are not at the top of the food chain. The land of of the Inuit and Nanuk, the white bear.

Huge tides creating  ever changing landscapes, incredible biodiversity and huge Arctic char make this a trip you will never forget.

This is an area with almost no human presence and very low fishing pressure . From July to mid-August, we fish from the shore and from boats around the islands and schoals where Arctic char, Sea Run Brook Trout and Atlantic salmon feed before returning to the Tunulic , Markol , Danielou or Lagrevé rivers to spawn


8 anglers per week

June 24 – June 30: Sold out
June 30 – July 6: Sold out
June 6 – July 11: Sold out
July 11 – July 16: Sold out
July 16 – July 21: Sold out
July 21 – July 27: Sold out
July 27 – August 3: Sold out
August 3 – August 8: 4 to 6 rods

RATES $7,500.00 CAD / angler


8 anglers per week
June 27 – July 4: 8 Rods
July 4 – July 11: Sold out
July 11 – July 18: Sold out
July 18 – July 25: 8 Rods
July 25 – August 1: 8 Rods
August 1 – August 8: 8 Rods
August 8 – August 15: 8 Rods
August 15 – August 22: 8 Rods

RATES $7,500.00 CAD +taxes/ angler


During the short Arctic summer, Arctic char, sea trout and Atlantic salmon migrate to the sea where they feed heavily on sand lance and shrimp before returning to spawn in fresh water.

Photography workshop

Ungava Bay is a huge, little-known and sparsely populated area. The harshness of the climate has sculpted the landscapes here. The fauna and flora fight every day to survive and offer unforgettable moments to those who take the time.


Nunavik is the Arctic region of Quebec. An immense virgin territory located north of the 55th parallel and bordered by Hudson Bay to the west, Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay to the north and Labrador to the east.