Thematic Photographic Workshops

Thematic Photographic Workshops

Given the immense photographic potential of the Ungava region, Inukshuk Lodge is expanding its activities to include thematic photographic workshops. We collaborate with Yves Demers, animal photographer and man of the North who will guide and accompany you in your northern experiences.

In 2018, we worked on the preparation of workshops on animal and plant life and landscapes of Ungava Bay.

We welcome groups of six people. Basic to experienced level. The territory offers a lot to inspire photographers, landscapes, fauna, flora, nights without parasitic light, sea and icebergs.

The stay takes place according to a pre-established schedule that remains flexible, taking into account the weather conditions and opportunities that arise.

Topics will include: Equipment, basic techniques (aperture, speed, sensitivity), gusts, long exposures, night photography (overflight), filters, background, focus, white balance, staging, animal photography, post processing: contrast, cropping, sharpness and colors.

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