Fishing Nunavik Northern Quebec

Fishing Nunavik Northern Quebec

Arctic char on the fly

Episode 2/4, by Colin McKeown

Once we arrived at a specified location such as an island, then we broke out our fly fishing gear. Here you need to bring good quality rods and reels that can take the punishment of saltwater and large fish that seemingly never tire. Our go-to setup was a nine foot fast-action rod in a nine weight married to a large arbor reel. Ensure you have lots of backing of 50lb test as these char will definitely test your equipment with their powerful runs. You absolutely need a good quality drag system, preferably one with a sealed system.

Large arbor reel

My favourite line to use was the RIO InTouch Sinktip with a 600 grain 24 foot head

The large arbor will come into play when the fish often run directly at you and pick up of line must be quick. The flylines we are used were full-sink and long sink-tips. Both worked well if the sinking rate was five inches per second or greater. My favourite line to use was the RIO InTouch Sinktip with a 600 grain 24 foot head. This line was easy to cast in heavy winds and got the fly down quickly in the water column. You don’t need long leaders here, just a six foot piece of heavy mono or tippet of 1x or 2x size. You want at least a 15lb rating for the tippet as the char will often slam the flies with gusto and break-offs can occur with lighter systems. The flies we used were streamers and large green woolly buggers. However, the lodge will give you recommendations on what to bring plus the guides will have some flies for you to use.

Arctic fox hunting in the toundra

It hard to describe in a short article all that makes this unique land so very special. Lemmings running around everywhere, the aqua-blue color of the water in bays or even spotting a beautiful flower hanging precariously on the side of rock wall, this is all why coming to Nunavik and Inukshuk Lodge is so very very special. If you have a bucket list of places to go before you die, then you absolutely must add this lodge in one of the last pristine wildernesses left in the world.

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