Combos photography, fishing, trekking

Combos photography, fishing, trekking

getting close to animals in the north is quite simple by taking your time

If you are like me, you love fishing, photography, trekking, discovering, navigation and observation. If you are wondering whether to embark on a week of photography or fishing or trekking, you should consider combining your favourite activities. Everything is possible, just inquire and we will accommodate you for a custom week. The fact remains, we can plan the activities, but not the days when these activities will take place. This is decided the same morning by mother nature! When Icebergs are visible from the shore and the sea is calm, let’s go! It’s raining, perfect for fishing. It’s too windy for fishing, we will do some hiking, discovering, etc. For each of these activities, there is a guide to accompany you. The team is multidisciplinary and very aware of interesting opportunities

…you could land on one of the islands to do some photography or ornithology…

The outfitter has fishing equipment for guests

It is also possible for you to join another group that is planning an activity that you are interested in. If, for example, a group of fishermen is planning on going fishing for Arctic char around the Bird or Duck Islands, which are about an hour away, they are required to take two boats. Therefore, one of them could be yours and, rather than go fishing, you could land on one of the islands to do some photography or ornithology. Or also have yourself dropped off during the changing of the tide. It’s called adapting or opportunism. We are open to all the desires and opportunities that present themselves and are willing to adapt and take advantage of them whenever possible..

The pieces of the ice pack are ephemeral artworks.

Another example I experienced last summer was that of people who wanted to see the ice pack up close, while others wanted to go fishing. We went out with two boats in the same area and one of them concentrated on the ice pack, while the other searched for schools of fish. Everyone gathered, well anchored to a large block of ice, for lunch. We let ourselves drift, as such, for four kilometers as we watched the show and listened to stories of fishing, seals, birds, ice… A lunch on the ice pack is always pleasant to enjoy.

Le cuisinier lui y va de sa découverte d’un nouveau banc de moules qu’il vous servira en apéro.

In the evening, at dinner, which is always communal, the stories of the day are told. Trekkers talk about their discoveries of the territory, artifacts and bones, various trails and animals observed. Photographers cry for missing a photo, but gloat for succeeding in another that they never thought they could take in their life. Fishermen give everyone a taste of the fruit of their fishing and explain the techniques used, the clarity of the water, the huge fish lost… and caught, the latest flies created for Arctic char. The cook talks about his discovery of a new bed of mussels that he will serve you as an appetizer. In short, the days when many different activities are practiced have restless dinners and I must admit, are delicious and very interesting!

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