During the short Arctic summer, Arctic Char, Sea run Brook trout and Atlantic Salmon migrate to the sea where they will feed heavily on sand eels and shrimp before returning to spawn or winter in fresh water. Fishing along the islands, shoals, tide lines and in estuaries can provide tremendous fishing action as the fish are actively feeding. Equipped with 24 foot Nor-west freighters, sonar and gps our experienced guides will take you hunting for Char in this unspoiled Arctic paradise. Iceburg, whale, seal, marine bird and polar bear sightings are all are all part of the adventure of a trip to Nunavik.

Ethical and responsible fishing policy.

In order to preserve this spectacular fishery for future generations and to protect this remarkable natural habitat, we strongly encourage catch and release in our waters. Only fishing with single barbless hooks is permitted . Arctic Char and Cod may be consumed during your trip and we allow each guess to bring back 2 Char. All Atlantic Salmon and Sea trout must be released.


… We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children …

David Brower

Arctic Char


The Black point region of Ungava Bay holds some of the largest Arctic Char in the world. Big and powerful fighters due to the abundant forage they are perfectly adapted to this rich marine environment. Averaging 10-12 lbs, larger Char up to 20 lbs are common. The Inukshuk lodge record is a 28 lb 3 once bruiser

Brook Trout


Sea run Brook trout are also abundant in this region. They cruise the shore lines to feed on shrimp and sand eels and can also be caught in the estuaries of our area. Averaging 3-5 lbs, specimens up to 8 lbs are present.

Atlantic Salmon


Located between the mighty George and Whale rivers, the Black point area is a feeding ground for Atlantic Salmon as they forage in Ungava Bay before returning to spawn in these two great rivers. Salmon up to 16 pounds are caught while fishing for Char