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Arctic char is a species of freshwater fish that inhabits the cold and pristine waters of the Arctic regions. It is highly regarded for its exquisite taste, making it a prized catch for both anglers and culinary enthusiasts. Arctic char possesses a unique pink to red flesh, resembling that of salmon, and has a delicate, rich flavour.

An arctic fishing trip like no other

Arctic char fishing provides a thrilling and rewarding experience for fishing enthusiasts. Anglers can venture into the picturesque landscapes surrounding Inukshuk Lodge, where they encounter pristine rivers, and fjords teeming with these remarkable fish. Fly fishing is the technic we are employing for Arctic char. We offer also some multi-activities packages including Trekking and wildlife photography, the we do some spin fishing at this time.

Pursue Arctic char in Ungava Bay and connect with nature: the perfect way to enjoy a challenging fishing adventure. It’s an incredible feeling when you sneak around the islands and find some arctic char feeding on sand eels.
The fish’s strength and acrobatic leaps make it an exciting catch, while the majestic surroundings and tranquil ambiance enhance the overall experience. Arctic char fishing not only satisfies the angler’s desire for sport but also provides a delectable reward that can be savoured at the end of the day. We do catch and release but some days we keep a fish to make some Inuit traditional smoked char.

Learn about Inukshuk Lodge’s fly fishing trip to northern Quebec

The Arctic char has become closely associated with marine life in polar regions, making it a highly desirable catch for anglers seeking an authentic and distinctive fly fishing encounter in Northern Quebec.

One of the largest arctic char population in the world

The Black Point area of Ungava Bay is certainly known as the home of the world’s largest Arctic char. These resident fish are very powerful fighters because of the abundant forage fish and are perfectly adapted to the very rich marine environment surrounding Inukshuk Lodge. The average weight is in the 10-12 pounds range, but 20 pound specimens are common. The record of Inukshuk lodge is over 28.

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