The staff

Paul Ostiguy, managing partner

Having owned and operated McKenzie river lodge since  2008, now a world class fly fishing destination. It was time for another adventure. I’d fished the Ungava bay region  several times for Char and dreamt of returning. Spending time in Nunavik, its unspoiled wilderness, its wildlife and its wonderful people is a life changing experience. We are truly blessed.

Simon Sylvestre, guide

A globetrotter, he lives out his passion for fishing all year long. he joined our organization by guiding at the McKenzie River Lodge since 2015. In 2017, he spent four weeks at Inukshuk lodge to reopen the lodge, learn the area and live another adventure.. His enthusiasm, cheerfulness and knowledge of fishing make him an invaluable companion to our guests. He fell in love with Inukshuk Lodge and says that this place makes you feel alive!

You’re right Simon, you only live once!

Burt Gillis, guide

An outstanding guide, fly-tyer and outdoors man, having  fished, hunted and worked with the Inuit in Nain Labrador where he taught for 9 years. His experience of the tides and fishing for Arctic Char was invaluable. His smoked Char was the treat,  although the mussels were pretty good also. We couldn’t have done it with out you Burt.